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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Celebrating Mom's birthday

My moms 56th birthday was on 29th September 2011. I gave her a simple ring that I bought it here and she was happy. We had a small party in the house that only family were invited. It was on Thursday night 29th September 2011 and all the grandchildren came. On Sunday 1st OCtober 2011 we all went to the beach in Karancho, Maribago to celebrate Nanay's birthday. My friend En-en came and her daugther. All of us had a good fun and we had too many foods, fish, squid, pork, sweet potatoes, banana and etc. We were all filled up that day and my kids really enjoyed in the sea. They spent much in the sea because when we were abroad, we didn't take the kids to the beach. We all went home around 4pm and I was the driver to send them home from the beach.

Here are some pictures taken...

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