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I am Filipina and born in Cordova the Province of Cebu. I am happily married to a British man and I am recently living in Paris, France. I am blessed with a gorgeous kids named Joel and Selena. I am a type of a person who is understanding, caring and friendly.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Thankful..I found my blog and managed to log-in!

Hello to all, my fellow bloggers and to my readers,

Wow! it feels like I'm a new blogger now, its been a long time that I haven't got time to update my blog. I  really really miss blogging though because I really wanted and excited to share all what I have done and where I have been for the last three years. My kids are growing and they are studying now in the Cebu, Philippines. Yes, we moved back in Cebu, Philippines for good last 2011 and we are all doing good. Now, that I have managed to open my blog, I will be able to update all the things that makes you interest to read.

So, hope to share more happenings and soon to happen. All my love to you all my readers!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Celebrating Mom's birthday

My moms 56th birthday was on 29th September 2011. I gave her a simple ring that I bought it here and she was happy. We had a small party in the house that only family were invited. It was on Thursday night 29th September 2011 and all the grandchildren came. On Sunday 1st OCtober 2011 we all went to the beach in Karancho, Maribago to celebrate Nanay's birthday. My friend En-en came and her daugther. All of us had a good fun and we had too many foods, fish, squid, pork, sweet potatoes, banana and etc. We were all filled up that day and my kids really enjoyed in the sea. They spent much in the sea because when we were abroad, we didn't take the kids to the beach. We all went home around 4pm and I was the driver to send them home from the beach.

Here are some pictures taken...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

High Cholesterol

Last week, I went to the Doctor after hubby and I dropped our son to school. I asked hubby to take me to the Doctor because I can't breath and my heart was palpitating. As soon as I got there the Doctor said that I should have ECG then he took blood and check for my cholesterol level and sugar. After all the test my ECG result says that POOR PROGRESSIVE and my cholesterol was a bit high 203 which the normal is 180.My hemoglobin was low therefore he prescribed me three different medicines one for the iron and two others are for my cholesterol. The Doctor told me to stop eating fatty foods that makes my cholesterol high, so now I always look what I eat. The result of eating too much food such as fried chicken and letchon baboy gives me high cholesterol. This morning, I started walking an hour to help lower my cholesterol and I admit that I gained so much weight now that I am here in Philippines. When I was in Qatar I was a bit slimmer compare now, I used to go to the gym 4x a week but I can't go most often here in the Philippines because all the equipments in the gym that I go are all manual. Yes, I know it's not a good reason but I still need to adjust and eventually I will use to it.

I want to reach my goal to lose weigh this time. I don't want to feel ill.....

Friday, September 23, 2011

Selena has got rashes..

Hubby and I are so worried of Selena's rashes, the worst one is under her eyes. Hubby kept on putting a hydrocortizone but it didn't help. Last Sunday, we took Selena to the Doctor but they told us to go to the ER because there were no Doctors around. There was a Doctor who helped us but then she only gave us the antiesthamine. She told us to come back the next day which is Monday because the allergycology will be opened. When we came backthe next day  the allergycology wasn't around and he will be back on Wednesday. Therefore, we went to Dermclinic in SM City Cebu. The Doctor was really good, she told us what might be the reasons of Selena's rashes, so she prescribed us the mild soap , moisturiser and 1% hydrocortiozone. It was a bit expensive but hubby didn't mind the cost as long as can get rid off Selena's rashes. One day later after we used the mild soap,moisturiser and hydrocortizone, Selena's rasher is gone off. Her skin is back to soft and the redness are gone too.

Now, Selena's skin is so nice and we are still kept on using the moisuriser, mild soap and sometimes use the hydrocortizone if we notice some redness. Selena is happy and no more itchyness and rasher!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hubby and Selena are not feeling well!

Early morning, Selena woke up so grumpy and cried a lot. She woke up before 6am and it was still nice to stay in bed but she wanted to get up and looking her dad. I told hubby not to take Selena in school when we drop off Joel but as soon as the car started she wanted to get in the car. I didn't resist so she will stop crying. I can really tell that she is not 100% because she has runny nose and cough. After dropping off Joel to school we headed to Doctor Alan Saberon coz hubby wanted to have check up of his glands. He said that he has sore throat and glands are swollen. When we were at the Doctor I wanted to use their toilet but their toilet is so small and dark. I don't feel like going in but I just closed my eyes and used their toilet. Hubby had a blood test for further check then he has too many tablets to take and two types of medicine for Selena that I paid 3715.00 pesos. I know it's expensive in the Philippines. But in the UK it's all free, that's what I was thinking that many sick people are difficult to buy for their medicine coz it's expensive and there are no free...

As soon as we got home I gave Selena her medicine so she will feel better and she might stop of her grumpiness. Then, Hubby picked up Joel at 10am from school. I just hope Selena and hubby will get better soon....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Goodbye Braces....:)

I admit that when I was a little girl my teeth wasn't straight and nice. My teeth was small and the gap was so obvious everytime I smile, I feel so awkward. It was so bad when I had my kids. I ended up without any bite in the front teeth, after I went to the dentist and had done my brigdes at the back teeth. I left it too long and didn't do anything until I can afford to have braces on. My husband was so good that he agreed and paid for my braces. Then, after 15 months wearing braces I now see the result and it was worthy having braces. I went to my dentist today and have checked my braces and she said that it's alright to remove the braces because my bite has back in the front and also the gap between my teeth are closer now. I was in the dentist for almost two hours but I would say that it is worthy of patiently waiting. I have now a close up smile thanks to my dentist at Citydent SM City Cebu and my ortho is Dr. Pearl, she is very nice and she handle her patient so gently.

I would higly recommend Dr. Pearl at Citydent SM City Cebu.

This is the picture of me now...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's time to update this blog!

Hello everyone! Let me welcome myself back into blogging...hehehe. Well, I would say that it's been a long time that I didn't write anything in my blog for the reason that I was busy again of moving, can you believe it that after moving from France to Qatar now we just moved in Philippines last month. To make my story short, hubby resigned his job in Qatar and we decided to stay for this year in the Philippines so here I am enjoying the tropical weather, great foods and family surrounds me all the time. I am so happy that we are back in Philippines now, I don't really like to stay too much in Qatar for its too hot and the kids are always sick.

Here I am trying to get back in blogging again... Some pictures taken in Philippines..